Let’s All Move To Wisconsin

by Sarah Cooper on October 29, 2007

I don’t mind saying it, Fall is my favorite season. Let those other seasons be jealous, they just can’t compete.

Fall LeafI get to pull out my jeans, sweaters and boots again. I get to go to high school football games and drink hot chocolate while pretending to watch the game. (Instead I’m enjoying talking to my husband, and smiling because when I was the one in high school I didn’t get to go home with my sweetie. Yes, being a grown up has its moments.)

Fall is all about HOME.

It’s cuddling on the couch under an afghan, with good book and a fat cat. It’s a pile of crunchy brown leaves that you just know the kids and dogs will run through, and you don’t even care. In fact, you’ll probably join them. It’s sweet little Trick-or-Treaters on your doorstep, each one cuter than the last. It’s having your family around the table Thanksgiving Day and knowing that is the thing you are most thankful for of all. It’s so much about slowing down and enjoying life that we even move the clocks back, just to have back that hour we sacrificed to spring.

It’s that good.

I feel bad for those people down south who have great weather all year. They miss Fall.

Pat Mullikin probably knows just what I’m talking about. She made the Real Estate Show below, and it made me fall a little more in love with this season. I didn’t even know that was possible! Pat works in a team with her sons Ben and Martin, showing once again that real estate can be a perfect family business.

Pat is a self-professed Real Estate Shows junkie. She says, “I often get a phone call or email from a Seller shortly after I’ve emailed their show to them. Some of the comments… “We have tears in our eyes” “You captured the feeling of our home” “I’m choked up” “We want to buy our house back.” I know, Pat!!

She’s even letting us in on a great service – some of the pictures from this gorgeous Show are from DreamsTime.com, a website for royalty-free stock photos that are very reasonably priced. (Using stock photos like this can be a great way to illustrate a point or an idea you want to get across, sometimes we just don’t have original photos that cover everything we want to say.)

I think you’ll agree with us, whether Fall is your favorite or not – this is a gorgeous Show!! Thanks for sharing it with us, Pat. You guys watch this, then go make your own Fall Show. :o)


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