Make Your Mother Something Special

by Jeff Turner on May 8, 2007

sarah cooper reflectionSarah Cooper has a knack for understanding just the right way to use her subscription.

Sarah wrote:

“Remember when you were in elementary school, so proud to bring Mom the pasted construction paper card you made her? Mom loved it because YOU made it. Make her something now!

Go dig through the old photo albums and show her you were thinking of her. Scan a few old photos, make her up a Real Estate Show and impress her with your tech skills! (She doesn’t have to know how easy it was, we won’t tell.) You can even burn it to a CD so you can wrap it!”

I’ve personally used a Real Estate Show for both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day and I can speak from experience… it does the trick. Sarah’s post on ActiveRain is members only. But her blog alone is worth the time it takes to join!

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