Making a Second Real Estate Show

by Sarah Cooper on September 11, 2007

Blenko GlassI feel a need to get at least somewhat serious on my personal blogs and add some good local content. Yes, the easiest way I know to get my point across is with a Real Estate Show, so I set out this morning with my camera in hand.

I went to a place I’ve already written about before, Blenko Glass. It’s one of my favorite places, and I felt drawn back. This time, I wanted to show more of the process of the glass making rather than the pretty end result. Click To View.

This is something to think about. With your Real Estate Shows, you can really go in-depth when you show people anything. Instead of thinking, “I already have a Show of that,” think about what other things you could say about a place that you’ve already covered.

For instance, if you have a listing that has a beautiful gourmet kitchen, try making a Show of the entire house and then a show of that knockout kitchen. If I’m a picky buyer and I want a custom kitchen, the extra attention to detail might tip me off that this is no ordinary house. If it was worth your extra time as a busy agent, it’s probably a really impressive house, right? (They don’t have to know how easy it is to make these Shows!)

When someone calls you about that house, how interested will they be when you say, “That house was an amazing kitchen, let me get your email address and send you a special Show about it.”

You just did TWO things: that person is now convinced this house is a cut above, AND you have a new contact, an active buyer. Clever, clever you!

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