Making Shows Visible in “Other Shows” Link

by Jeff Turner on September 21, 2006

Because we allow you to create as many shows as you want, even shows
that may only be for personal use, you have to tell the system what
shows you want Internet viewers to be able to see when they are looking
at shows they find during their home searches. From your main menu,
click on Manage & Edit Existing Shows. This will take you to a list of your previously created shows, your My Real Estate Shows page. Then, check the box next to Viewable In “Other Shows”
for the listing you want Internet viewers to be able to see. This will
add that Show automatically. See the graphic below:

view in other shows

In this example, the top Show can only be viewed by those who receive the link via email or who link directly to it. The Show on the bottom now appears in the “Other Shows” link of all of this user’s Shows.

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