New Features Delayed Until August 23!

by Jeff Turner on August 20, 2007

Nothing pains me more than to have to write this post.

New Player FeaturesWe are on the brink of releasing flyers, distribution, rss feeds and new player features, including full screen play. But we have to hold off for another full day of testing and will now launch some time on Thursday, August 23.

Our Trulia distribution testing is our main hold up. Trulia has some unique formatting requirements and we have had to make last minute corrections to our feed today. Unfortunately, this doesn’t give us any time to test for a release tomorrow as planned.

We are also doing further testing of the new player features, some of which are shown in the graphic above. These changes impact every Show ever created. As you can imagine, that’s not something we want to turn on with our fingers crossed.

I’d love to promise there will be no more delays, but I won’t. We’re as excited about these new features as everyone else, but we want them to work right from day one. We know that’s what you want as well.

Thanks for your patience.

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