New Real Estate Shows Features Have Launched

by realestateshows on August 23, 2007

We’ve done all we can in the lab, now it’s your turn!

We can only learn so much in a beta test. We need real world exposure to understand how things really work under pressure. So, all of the new features are now officially live! But we want your feedback to help us understand what is and is not working in your specific environment.

Your feedback will help us make any changes that might be necessary to insure everything works just the way it should. We’ve already begun getting good feedback, both positive and negative, so thank you!

Internet Flyers

You can now begin building and distributing flyers. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do that.

You can view the demo flyer from this video here.

Category RSS Feeds

You’ll notice an RSS Feed icon [ rss icon small ] in the “Manage and Edit Existing Shows” area. Click on that icon and you’ll be taken to a page where you can select a full or partial feed of all the Shows marked as “Viewable in Other Shows.” You can do this for any category you wish.

We have successfully tested these RSS feeds in the RSS feed widgets that come standard with Blogger,, and Typepad blogs. For blogs that don’t come with built in RSS Feed widgets, like ActiveRain, we recommend the RSS Feed Widget by Grazr.

A Brand New Player

There are still some changes we’re going to make once we get your feedback, but it’s up and running. You will notice a change in the look and also a new ending to each Show that will better focus the Internet viewer on the additional features of the Show. This is also found under Menu.

The zoom icon left of the speaker will play the Show in full screen mode. This button will not be active on Shows embedded using the html method before today’s launch. If you would like full screen to function in those old embedded shows, you will need to replace the old code with new code. If you embedded your Shows with the Java version, there is no need to do anything.

In addition, there are new ways for the Internet viewer to share the Show with friends and family. We’ve made the embed code public, so anyone who wants to blog about a house they like can embed the Show right in their post. (Today that code points outside of the player, but once we’ve received all of your feedback, we’ll be moving that inside the player.)

Social Bookmarking and Social Networks

We’ve also made it easier for Internet viewers to share Shows they like via social bookmarking sites, like Digg,, and StumbleUpon, and the social networking site, Facebook. Each of these will make it easier for people to spread the word about a home they are considering for purchase, or to promote the home you are selling for them, or to simply share a random Show they’ve enjoyed. We’ll be writing more about the value of this later.

We Want Your Feedback.

Please give us your feedback on these changes and let us know anything that is not functioning properly by emailing customer service. This will place your comments and technical issues directly into our ticketing system.

We’re looking forward to your input.


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