Not Closings – Celebrations!

by Sarah Cooper on August 13, 2007

Jack And Cyndee HaydonCyndee and Jack Haydon, Clearwater Area Real Estate Experts with Belloise Realty have a knack for relating to people. I can only imagine that their clients feel like the most pampered people on earth!

Recently, they helped a client buy her first home. Her family is out of town but this was a big day for all of them, and they wanted to feel like they were a part of it. Cyndee’s a lot like me, if you want to share something — make an emotionally compelling Real Estate Show! She did, and it was amazing.

In addition to the celebration Show you can see below, they also made a Show introducing their client’s friends and family to her new home. They included her new address, which is a very nice way to pass the news quickly. Isn’t that better than waiting for a postcard? And they got to feel like they visited her already!

Thanks to Real Estate Shows, their client’s family got to experience her joy as if they were there with her. Cyndee says these Shows had 55 viewings within the first 24 hours! (That’s a lot of people feeling good about your services. Think about it!) You might also want to visit Cyndee’s blog on Active Rain for a little more on client care. If I move to Clearwater, Florida, I know who I’m calling!

Please watch the Show below and pay attention, I bet you could make a similar Show soon, couldn’t you?

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