Say Hello To Our Newest Player

by realestateshows on April 26, 2007 is proud to announce the beta launch of our embedded player.

(insert brass band playing here)

Now Internet viewers can watch your Main Shows without having to leave your page.
The player comes in two flavors:

These codes will also work on your regular html web pages, not just on blogs. *However, neither method will embed in a blog, which does not allow external html.

How can you use this? Here are two examples:

  • To enhance a blog post about a local attraction: Click Here
  • To enhance a blog post about new home builders: Click Here

We can’t wait to see what YOU do with it!

Note: This is currently in limited beta. Early next week, everyone will see the embed code and instructions show up in their linking emails and on the links page inside Manage & Edit. Until then, we are testing this in limited numbers. If you’re interested in being a part of the testing, just email us we’ll send you instructions. While in beta you will not be able to alter the size of the player. Once we are out of beta you will be able to specify a size to suit your specific space needs.

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