Off to a Running Start

by Sarah Cooper on May 6, 2008

Chris Hyde and Dale ChumbleyOne of my friends just subscribed to Real Estate Shows. His name is Dale Chumbley and he co-writes a blog called Clark County Real Estate Guide with Chris Hyde, who is in the mortgage industry. (Dale, along with his Mom, Tracy, and wife, Bridget, make up the Chumbley Team at Prudential Northwest Properties.) Together Dale and Chris cover many issues in the real estate market, but what I really love is when they write about local stuff in their city of Vancouver, Washington.

I wasn’t surprised at all when Dale’s first Show was amazing – fabulous pictures, great titles and an overall feeling of “love of place”. He loves where he lives and it shows!

But what really got me was when they worked together on a post. They visited a new restaurant just before the grand opening. Dale took pictures and whipped up a Show while Chris wrote the text.

And it was WOW!! I read this first thing in the morning and was ready for some Mexican food before breakfast! Click here and read, you’ll see what I mean!

OK, let’s talk about why this is so good. First of all, it’s great to blog about local stuff. People are going to see this new restaurant and want to know more. They look in a search engine and this post pops up. Now they’ve found a couple guys who know all about the area they’re living in – and how about that, they’re real estate guys! If they like the blog and keep coming back, who just became their go-to guys? You guessed it! (Hint: This is why you blog!)

Also, they wrote just in time for Cinco de Mayo and people might be looking for local stuff in connection with that, too. Give people what they want – they like that! Keeping up with events as they happen in your community can lead readers right to the welcome mat on your blog. (Dale does not seem to have a problem testing out restaurants and showing them off, as evidenced here.)

And the Show, this part is magic, too! In the place of one picture, they now have nine. This gives their readers a little power, if they want to see more pictures, they can push that little arrow button. If not, they don’t have to. People like to have choices … and they’re curious so I bet they push the button! RES Shows great way to show more of something without overwhelming your words or creating a post that looks so long it scares off a casual reader.

They’ve realized right from the start that Real Estate Shows are for much more than just showcasing listings – they can help illustrate nearly anything you want to say. If you have a website or a blog (and you should) RES may turn out to be your favorite tool.

Thanks to Dale and Chris, I look forward to seeing what you do with your Real Estate Shows next!

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