Oh How Times Have Changed (Thank Goodness)

by Sarah Cooper on February 2, 2009

I recently used digital cameras in a trial run of an idea I’ll be sharing with you later to help build local blog/website readership. I was actually intrigued with using a film camera again. The suspense of not seeing the pictures until they’d been developed and having actual photographs to hold seemed nearly romantic to me in it’s old fashioned charm.

In reality though, it bites.

I dropped off the film on a Thursday and was told film only goes out for developing on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, so it would be picked up Friday and be back Monday. “But,” the cashier whispered, “You really shouldn’t expect it back until Wednesday. They’re always late.” I appreciated knowing that up front and came back Wednesday, only to find out that for some reason the film hadn’t gone out until that afternoon. Days later, back at the store for a third time, I was told my order had been misplaced and they’d call me. After no call, I stopped by again and finally collected my blurry photos of friends and floors, as you can see here. At least they took pity on me and didn’t charge me for developing.

The whole experience has made me that much more grateful for the convenience and quality of my digital camera. I love pictures, but I do NOT miss film! Thank goodness times change!

We’ve also been making some changes for the better here at Real Estate Shows. Adjustments we’re making now will enable us to serve your needs better in the future and bring you new flexibility to the way you use your Shows. I’m excited about the things we have in store and hope you’ll be pleased when new features are unveiled.

Progress is a good thing!

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