Project Blogger Update: Week 1

by Jeff Turner on April 21, 2007

The first week of the Project Blogger event is over and the judges have spoken.

Project Blogger LogoJulie Ferenzi and I had a great time working out some of the kinks on her brand new blog, So far, working with Julie has been on of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever been involved with. She’s easy going, eager to learn, and takes everything in like a sponge. That makes the task fun in and of itself. But what’s an added bonus is that I think I’m learning as much as she is. For me, that’s exhilarating.

Here are the links to Julie’s Project Blogger posts on ActiveRain:

The long and short of it…. Y.E.O. works!
This has nothing to with Real Estate but everything to do with humanity…
My name is Charlotte and this is my web
I’ve been on a mission out here in Plainfield… but it’s harder than I thought!
I must be crazy… I declined my first listing!!!
Can you help a newbie out? FSBO…
It’s all in the state of mind…

And here are the links my Project Blogger posts:

Hello Dolly! Dolly’ll Never Go Away Again
What Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla Can Teach Us About SEO and YEO
Promoting Community Events: A Video Chat With Julie
Pimp My Blog: Give Your Blog A New Paint Job
A Garage Sale And The Long Tail
Project Blogger Has Me Screaming “Wufoo!”
Website Grader: We Need To Bring Our Grade Up
It’s Not About SEO. It’s About YEO.
Free Photos At The Flickr Of A Mouse
Project Blogger Coaches Of A Feather Flock Together…
Project Blogger: Let’s Get This Party Started

The Project Blogger event culminates in the announcement of the “winners” at this year’s Real Estate Bloggers Connect conference in San Francisco. There’s a long way to go and lots more to learn. I for one am excited!
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