Public Ignorance Is Keeping Traditional Realtors In The Game

by Jeff Turner on August 8, 2007

I just returned from the Inman Conference in San Francisco. The place was packed with people who understand that the Internet is a fabulous tool for growing their relationships, their business and their incomes.

In the course of mixing and mingling I posed these questions to several Realtors and Brokers: “Why are only a relatively small number of Realtors using the Internet to market effectively? Why are so many continuing to do things the ‘traditional’ way and ignoring the power and importance of the Internet?”

Here’s what they had to say. Almost all Realtors know that 80% of all buyers use the Internet in their home searches. But the vast majority of sellers don’t demand a strong Internet campaign by their Realtors. Sellers don’t demand it because they only focus on their own behavior. They don’t know that half the universe of buyers – particularly people age 45 and younger – use the Internet extensively in their home searches. So while most buyers rely heavily on the Internet to help them find their homes, many sellers still choose Realtors in traditional ways – referrals from friends and family, word of mouth, etc.

When enough sellers understand and demand that their Realtor must know how to be effective in her/his Internet marketing, that could prove to be the tipping point in mandating effective Internet marketing by virtually all Realtors.

Until then, Realtors like you, who are effective in your Internet marketing, have an advantage – if you use it effectively. Here’s one way. You can win more listings by pounding this message home to sellers:

  • All Internet presentations are not equal. The ones that use evocative Tours will attract many more potential buyers. That, in turn, can shorten selling time and improve the chance of getting the best price.
  • Weak Internet presentations will shrink the audience of prospective buyers by 50% or more. People 45 and under, who rely on the Internet, may not even see your home. They don’t read newspapers or magazines. Your home will be invisible to them.
  • Internet presentations that communicate emotion will attract more people than those that simply present information. It’s a behavioral fact that mere information doesn’t stimulate action. Emotion stimulates action.

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