Put Your Heart In Internet Marketing

by Jeff Turner on October 1, 2007

Alan Alda, in his new book, “Things I Overheard While Talking To Myself,” quotes a famous rabbi in explaining what makes a good talk: “What comes from the heart goes to the heart.”

That’s powerful stuff.

Put Your Heart In Internet MarketingIt also relates to your Values. There too, if it’s not in your heart, in other words, if you don’t believe it, you cannot own it. And if you don’t own it, you cannot convey it to others through your actions, the most authentic form of communication.

If you try to fake it, you become inauthentic, a phony, hollow.
The best you can hope for is that you might be elected to Congress.

If some of your Values are around professionalism, integrity or service then those Values should impact what you bring to the party with your Internet marketing (along with everything else you do).

I heard a speaker at the last Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco. His name is Hugh McCleod.
He’s a talented, creative, out-of-the-box, guerrilla-marketing consultant. He’s also a good cartoonist. In talking about effective communication, he said it most profoundly. “A story without love is not worth telling.” That statement lit me up like fireworks on the Fourth.

His simple message, I believe, needs to have a presence in every visual presentation, every narrative, every description, in all aspects of everyone’s marketing program but most particularly on the Internet. The Internet lends itself perfectly to that kind of expression.

Most sellers have lived in their home for some period of time. They’ve created and stored important memories there. If your strongest message about your value to your clients is “I can save you $4,000 on commissions,” please go shoot yourself.

Tell compelling stories, in words and pictures. Communicate love. I think that, today, love is an endangered emotion. Put some back in the world. We need it.

What do you think?

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