Quick Tip #2 – Stay in Touch

by Sarah Cooper on December 2, 2008

We know that having stronger connections with the people around us does magical things. When you show people that you care about them, they feel better. They feel better about themselves and they feel better about you, too, just because they associate you with good things.

So let’s forget about the tangible benefit (more business) of regularly contacting our sphere of influence for the moment. Right now, we just want to concentrate on making sure that people know we’re thinking about them. And since we’re busy people, let’s make this easy, OK?

We’ve created a bunch of Instant Shows that you can add to your own Real Estate Shows account with just a click, then personalize in any way you see fit. Creating a Flyer from one of these Shows can make a beautiful presentation: Imagine this in place of an E-card. (Ah, but this E-Card has all of your contact information and subtly reminds people that you are their real estate agent… Oh wait, we aren’t thinking about that part!)

We have Shows for the holidays, of course, but you might like to try one that’s just plain inspirational. If you know someone is feeling under the weather, we even have a “get well soon” Show. (Remember, you can even Duplicate Shows, which allows you to copy a Show and change the title so that it can say, “Get Well Soon, Bob”, and maybe you can even use a title on a photo to say you’re sorry he got that nasty bug that’s going around. Make it personal!)

In a slow market, it’s good to remind people you’re still here, working away. It’s ALWAYS a good time to let people know you’re thinking of them. Your Instant Real Estate Shows are a FREE, easy way to stay in touch.

  • Instant Shows are found through the Instant Shows button on the Main Menu.
  • Click Import Show to add it to your account.
  • Personalize in Edit Show if you desire, or use as is.
  • Create a Flyer for a quick custom look.
  • Use Show Links to copy link to your email program to send to your contacts.

Sending out an Instant Show to your contacts once or twice a month is just one more way to get incredible value from your Real Estate Shows. If you’d like to hear more ways to get more from you Real Estate Shows, keep reading the blog or call us at 888.580.7627, we’re happy to brainstorm with you.

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