Quick Tip #3 – Don’t Drop Them! Stay In Touch.

by Sarah Cooper on December 4, 2008

I learned a startling statistic yesterday. According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly half of clients will not hear from their real estate agents after their transaction closes. Think on that for a moment. Before closing, your client heard from you weekly if not daily (or even more often!) just before closing. And then *BAM!*

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

::Insert sound of crickets here::

These are your precious, hard earned clients! Don’t just let them go – you worked hard for them! Here’s an easy way to keep your foot in the door just after close.

If you are the buyer’s agent, bring your camera to the final walk through. Take pictures of those empty rooms. I know it sounds kind of silly, but you’re creating a “Before” Show. Make sure to get a picture of the happy new home owners by the front door. Then create a Real Estate Show of the empty rooms and burn it to CD or DVD. Drop back by to see your clients a week or so later just to let them know you miss them and give them their CD. Let them know you’d be happy to create an “After” Show once they’re all moved in, and let them know you can connect the Before and After Shows together and that you can give them links online so that they can share with family and friends who want to see the new place.

If you’re working with the sellers, your job is even easier because you’ve already made a Show of their home looking it’s very best. Create a CD or DVD for them to keep and either stop in for a visit if they’re close by or mail it to them. (And remember, we don’t drop people just because they move away! They lived in the area and have friends and coworkers who still do, make sure they’re singing your praises!) Someday they’re going to feel nostalgic about the old place and pull out that CD and think good thoughts about you.

It’s easier to keep an existing client than to earn a new one. Don’t drop them!

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