Quick Tip #4 – Space It Out

by Sarah Cooper on December 8, 2008

I work at the Help Desk of Real Estate Shows, so I get to answer a lot of questions. I’m also listening quite a bit, not just so that I can be sure I’ve fully answered the question, but also because there is ALWAYS more to learn.

And our clients have some great ideas, that’s all there is to it.

Speaking to Esther Krakower, I learned that she has a special way of letting her clients know what she’s doing for them. Instead of reporting back immediately that she’s connected their listings to Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, YouTube, Facebook, Geebo, Hotpads, Vast, Viewr, Google Base, Digg and so on, she’ll tell them a little at a time.

One phone call may let them know their Show is now on Realtor.com and YouTube. Then an email with a link to their Flyer to let them know it’s now Google Base. The next call might let them know about Facebook, and so on. Who’s going to remember that jumble of dot coms if you rattle them all off at once? It’s information overload!

So each time she has contact with her clients, she can tell them a little bit more about she’s done for them. Each time she checks in, she’s making sure the lines of communication are open. They feel pampered knowing she’s taking care of their listing and have an opportunity to ask questions about that specific distribution.

If you read statistics about client dissatisfaction, lack of communication is always high on the list. I’m thinking Esther must have some very happy clients. Sometimes it’s not what you’re doing for your clients,  it’s the way you tell them that you’re doing it.

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