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by realestateshows on August 23, 2006

Gordon Shelton was brief and to the point.  "They loved the Show and are forwarding it to friends and family," he said.

And that’s all that really needs to be said. What more could you ask
for? A "we’re moving" Show sent from the buyer to their friends and
family is an endorsement, a defacto recommendation of you and your
services. There simply is no other way to guarantee that your buyer
client is going to tell their contact network about you. But a Show
like this "we’re moving" Show, makes certain they will.

View The "We’re Moving" Show Here

He added, "I really like your product. It is very easy to use and economical as well."

We think so too, Gordon. Thank you for allowing us to share this with your peers.

Gordon Shelton, McGraw Realtors®
Tulsa, OK | 918.697.2742 | Site

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