Reach The Network Only Your Children Can Reach

by realestateshows on February 17, 2006

When we saw this show we said, "Yes! That’s perfect. She really gets
it." Julie Eichacker took some time away from selling and went to the
Valentine’s day party at her child’s school. She, of course, took her
camera so she could capture the moment. When she got home, she put
together a show for the class.

Then she gave the link to the teacher to send home with her students… to give to their parents!
This is just a great idea. The teacher, students and parents will enjoy
it and the parents won’t be able to keep themselves from sending it to
friends and family all over.

Julie, kudos to you. View This Very Creative Presentation!

Julie Eichacker, Metro Brokers Inc.
Arvada, Colorado | (303) 423-6000 | Site

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