Real Estate BarCamp, Jumpstart Your Online Presence

by Sarah Cooper on February 24, 2009

There’s a phenomena popping up all around the country called Real Estate BarCamp. If you’ve been thinking you’d like some fresh ideas for marketing and managing your business online or maybe you don’t even know where to begin – this was created for you.

The way Real Estate BarCamps developed is very similar to the way they work: someone had a great idea and ran with it, others added their expertise and it became something really special. The inspiration for Real Estate BarCamp came from the tech barcamps and “unconferences” in the bay area where Andy Kaufman lives. Andy thought it would work well for real estate and decided to try one the day before Inman Connect San Francisco 2008. When he announced it on Daniel Rothamel‘s Zebra talk radio show, Todd Carpenter immediately called with an offer to build a Real Estate BarCamp website. The rest of fell in love with the idea and here we are — Real Estate BarCamp has even become popular enough not to need the draw of a conference to draw attendees. In fact, I’ll be driving six hours myself to attend REBCVA and I can’t wait!

BarCamps are fast paced, fun and extremely educational. (And strangely enough, they don’t take place in bars, although you can usually find a few attendees who would be glad to help you find one afterward.) You’ll learn about the newest tools and fresh ways to make use of what you’ve already got. You’ll find a great mix of Real Estate Rock Stars and those just starting out, and the ideas from all blend and create something new we wouldn’t have had otherwise. It’s an amazing thing to take part in a BarCamp!

All this and they’re FREE to attend! I hope there’s one near you and that you’ll give it a try. Here’s a list of some upcoming BarCamps, please click for more details:

Each of these BarCamps will have a free Real Estate Shows subscription up for grabs! (It’s worth attending just for all you’ll learn, but a chance to win a year of free RES isn’t bad either.) If you win you’ll be given my contact information and I’ll personally help you set up your account and get you started.

Go, learn, have a great time and tell me all about it, OK?

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