Real Estate Shows Now Exports To Video Files

by realestateshows on July 2, 2008

The simplest and most effective way to create real estate tours, is now the simplest and most effective way to get to video. With the push of a button, a Show created on will be converted in to a video file that can be uploaded to any video distribution network, including YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, PhotoBucket and more.

“Our desire was to make it a ‘one button’ operation for our clients,” said Bill Leider, CEO of Real Estate Shows. ” Real Estate Shows is widely regarded as the easiest to use real estate tour product on the market. We’re proud that we’ve been able to add this option for our clients without sacrificing the ease of use that our clients love.”

Here is a sample Real Estate Show exported to video and uploaded to Flickr.

Here is what the original file looked like before uploading to Flickr: view original mp4 file.

At launch, Real Estate Shows users will also be able to automatically upload their video to their own YouTube channel, to the Real Estate Shows YouTube Channel, or both. Other automatic uploading options will be added shortly. In addition, the MP4 file can be downloaded to your hard drive and used anywhere video is accepted, including desktop-based video editing applications like iMove and Adobe Premiere.

“The option to export to video opens up a whole range of distribution options for real estate listings,” added Jeff Turner, President and Founder of Real Estate Shows. “And our clients now have options for distribution of Shows that have nothing to do with listings. We’re already seeing some very creative uses of Real Estate Shows in the video format on Flickr and YouTube. We’re very happy to see our first users gravitate so quickly and easily to new ways to use the product.”

The export to video option will be included in the current $125 per year retail price of Real Estate Shows for all user who renew or sign up for the service before January 1, 2009. After that date, users who wish to be able to export to video will be required to pay an additional $25 per year to access the feature. The feature is currently in public beta. Please alert us immediately if you find any problems at all.

How do you export your Real Estate Show to video?

To create a video from your Real Estate Show, click on the “create a video” button in side the video tab under your publish menu for any Show you wish to export. Here is a short instructional video that will show you were to find the create a video options.

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