Showcase Listing Enhancements

by realestateshows on March 17, 2006

I’m A Showcase Listing Enhancements Customer of REALTOR.COM, why am I being asked to pay the $25 Fee?

There is a simple, but frustrating, answer to that question. The reason is that the information in the Property Details of your Show do not match EXACTLY what has in their system. Extra characters, # signs or the wrong city or zip are typically the reason for this. If the information does not match exactly, will tell us you are not a Showcase Listing Enhancement Customer. Remember, this is two computers talking to one another, they have to be perfectly aligned in order to make the right assessment. So, check the information on and make certain the property detail in your Real Estate Show matches EXACTLY with what is shown on the listing – then submit again.

If they match, the system will now know you are a Showcase Listing Enhancement Customer and you will NOT be charged.

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