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by realestateshows on February 24, 2007

Today’s Featured Speakers

recyber speakers

Rick DeLuca, Jack Herrington, Tim O’Keefe, Dan Gooder Richard and Jeff Turner

I recorded my session over a year ago, so some of the comments my be dated, but Jack Peckham’s on-line convention, put on by the Real Estate Cyberspace Society, is worth a look.

Convention Entrance

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Speakers and Topics for Today:

Rick DeLuca “Technology Meets Practicality!”
Jack Herrington “Podcasting Hacks for Real Estate Pros!”
Tim O’Keefe “Blog Your Way to the Top!”
Dan Gooder Richard “Trade Secrets For Capturing Leads!”
Jeff Turner “A New Virtual World for Agents!”

No Airfare. No Hotel Bills. No Registration fees. No time away from home.

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