Recycling Your Real Estate Shows

by Sarah Cooper on February 21, 2008

How long has it been since you looked at your inventory of Real Estate Shows? Hopefully you aren’t using RES just for listings – haven’t I taught you better by now??? (If you’re feeling nosy, please feel free to peek at my Shows. My active listings are now on my team’s Real Estate Shows account, in case you wonder!)

Recycle Your Real Estate ShowsIf you’re like me, you’re not “just” a real estate agent. You’re probably also your own marketing department. I bet you have a website and a blog, or at least you’re working on getting there. Can I guess that you wouldn’t complain if someone handed you a little more time and money? Doesn’t it just make sense if one thing can work for you in many ways? Wouldn’t that lower your stress level a little?

Yesterday I scrolled through my Real Estate Shows library and realized that I have some great stuff in there. I thanked myself for that earlier work, then resurrected an old Show and wrote a post on to go with it.

I love this! I got a chance to talk again about a cause I believe in. I had not just pictures, but a beautiful Show with words and music to get across to the reader just the feeling I intended. I was able to use something I already had in a new way – recycling! Not just good for the environment, it’s good for the budget. 🙂

And even better, I have more Shows in there that will be inspiration for posts for a long time to come! The next time I’m stumped for a topic, I know just where to go. What a relief that is!

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