Relationships + Creativity = Greater Income

by realestateshows on September 29, 2006

Karri Christensen & Stephen
Wright took us at our word when they learned they could create as many
Real Estate Shows as they wanted, about anything they wanted.

We have often suggested that Realtors partner with a local business to
create Shows about their services and facilities to use on the client’s
website or in their own Internet marketing efforts. Karri and Stephen
actually did it. They put together an excellent presentation for a
local business, Taft Crude Coffee House.

“The coffee shop owner was also a client,” they said. “We recently have
taken an EPro certification which explored the idea of using tools to
attract people to your website. So, we offered to our client an
opportunity to "advertise" on our website, and use the links for free.
It appears that it has also has had the most hits."

Click Here To View Their Cooperative Effort

“I am sure he has told all his friends and customers to "check it out".
He was the first trial at the clip, and was very pleased and felt it
represented his business well,” Stephen continued. “We have since sold
one of his properties and have the listings on two others with an offer
coming in today. We are very pleased with the service your company
offers and love the new enhancements. Thank you for all your hard work.”

We know this kind of an effort builds and solidifies relationships. If you google "Taft Crude Coffee House" their Real Estate Show is in the top three links. They created a Show for their Doctor’s office as well Click Here. Check out the "Taft Fun Clips" on their website. We think they are right on target with this creative marketing approach.

Karri and Stephen, thank you for creating excellent examples of how to use Real Estate Shows to go way beyond the listing to strengthen relationsips, expand your network, and increase your earnings.

Stephen Wright & Karri Christensen, Coldwell Banker America West
Taft, California | 661 765-5274 | Site

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