RES Flyers Have Been Updated

by Jeff Turner on December 1, 2007

We have officially updated the underlying programming of RES Flyers.

Real Estate Shows Internet FlyerNow, when you copy & paste the code to use in your blog posts, the design of your RES Flyer will appear in the post as well. We had been using one “generic” flyer design for all blog posts, but after much feedback from you, we decided to rewrite the code. Give it a try! The code for Craiglist has not changed however. They will still appear in the generic format. As Susie, our project manager says, “This is to prevent our flyers from being removed from Craigslist. They are fascist about remaining socialist.”

The update also allows RES Flyers to be used in HTML email.

If you have the ability to send html email, the new RES Flyer programming will benefit you there as well. Please note, most email programs do not allow you to create html emails. Outlook, for example, will not allow you to do this. However, if you are using Constant Contact, iContact or services that allow you to input html, the code will now work like a charm.

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