Second Chance Show

by Sarah Cooper on November 28, 2007

There’s a sad little house, newly on the market. I previously listed and sold it, and now it’s been foreclosed. I hated to see that, the family that bought the house loved it and had such hopes for their future in it. I guess it happens, and I hope they’re OK.

The little house is listed for sale as-is, with no disclosures because the bank that now owns it knows nothing of it’s condition or past.

But I know. I learned that house inside and out. I loved that little house and worked to help it have a good family. I see the pictures of it online now, empty and discarded. That is not how it should look.

I got a call from someone about one of my listings last night and he mentioned that house as well. He wondered if I could find him more information on it, too. I told him I could do even more. I could send him a Real Estate Show of how that house was supposed to look. I told him about the changes made to the house within the last few years, the quality of the work and the attention to detail. It’s a little house, but it was treated BIG.

And then I sent him the Show, so he could almost walk through that house as it could be again. There’s the kitchen, clean and bright. The yard on a sunny day looking ready for play. Extra pictures show details of the leaded front door, the pantry and the tall cabinets. This is a sweet little house looking it’s best.

We’ll go look at the house, and maybe he’ll want it and maybe he won’t. But I think my Real Estate Show will give it a good chance. Even though it’s not my listing, I want that little house to have a good family again.



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