Sell Your Camera On eBay & Buy This One!

by Jeff Turner on November 8, 2006

not wide angleI realize that’s a strong headline, but I want to make sure I’m clear about this. The Kodak EasyShare v705 is, without question, the best camera for the Real Estate Professional I’ve ever come across. I have searched high and low to find a camera I could feel comfortable personally recommending. This is it.

The two images to the right were taken with the settings right out of the box. I did not turn on any lights or open any drapes. I just used the basic settings, pointed the camera at the room and clicked. For the photo at the top, I used the standard 35mm lens, the one found on most point and shoot cameras. Then I took the photo on the bottom, two seconds later, from the exact same spot, in the exact same lighting. Only the photo on the bottom uses the v705’s default “ultra wide angle lens.”

with wide angle insideYou’ll notice that the photo on the top is probably a lot like photos you might expect from a standard, 35mm point and shoot digital camera. Even though this is a large room, it doesn’t feel large in the photo. The lighting is also poor, though not as bad as it could have been. It is certainly typical of amateur interior photos.

The photo on the bottom is a dramatic improvement. The ultra wide lens captures more light, so the room is significantly brighter (again, this was shot in the exact same lighting conditions). The room also feels substantially larger. There is no question in my mind. If you buy this camera, you will take better photos right out of the box. As a result, the homes you sell will look better in your marketing materials and your first standard outside shotReal Estate Shows will be more powerful.

Here is another set of examples. This time from the curb. There were cars in front of this house, as is often the case, so I couldn’t go across the street to get a better shot of the front. I’m sure you’ve been in that situation. Notice the improvement.

This camera also allows you to create panoramic shots with an ease I’ve never experienced. Three shots creates a 180 degree view of a scene and all of the alignment and stitching happens right in the camera. The following was my first attempt.

first wide angle outsideI was so amazed at how simple it looked, I rushed out to sit on the love seat with my wife and forced her to watch me do it. So she was leaning up against me as I did, shaking the camera. You can see my feet in the photo (sorry). I could have done another shot, but I wanted to show you the very first attempt! It was even simpler than I thought it would be.

For $299, you are simply not going to find a better camera. So, do yourself a favor. Sell your old digital camera on eBay and take my advice. Buy this camera.first pano example

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