Sellsisus Is Hitting The Road: Blog Tour USA

by Jeff Turner on May 7, 2007

2 Bloggers. 1 RV. 21 US Cities = Too Much Fun For Two Grown Men To Have

blog tourOur good friends over at Sellsius Real Estate Blog are setting of on a cross country journey that will end on July 31st at the Inman Bloggers Connect in San Francisco. They are calling this the Blog Tour.

“Along the way, we will rendezvous with real estate bloggers, agents, brokers and consumers to celebrate our industry and each other— heck any bloggers from any industry are welcome to party with us. We’re taking the online blogging community OFFLINE for a little fun in the summer sun. “

I for one hope to hook up in several places, since it coincides with my family’s cross country journey to our farm in West Virginia. Boys… bring it on!
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