Sharing Marketing Secrets – Thesa Chambers

by Sarah Cooper on July 30, 2007

I had an enlightening talk with my friend These Chambers of Sunriver Realty the other day.

Thesa Chambers, Sunriver RealtyThesa used to use “another brand” of home tour, but once she decided to switch to Real Estate Shows, she did it all the way! She is a BIG fan of Real Estate Shows. She loves it and she’ll tell you why.

She’s had some great successes with her Shows, too. She told me about how she’s been taking pictures everywhere she goes, then putting together some beautiful shows of the Oregon wilderness. She lives and works in an area that has a lot of vacation homes, the kind of place that people love as a get-away.

Thesa’s market is slowing down, but she’s managing to stay ahead of the pack. She told me what she’s doing, and said I could share her secret with you.

She makes these beautiful shows of the natural beauty of her area, then sends them on to everyone she knows. They’re just as in love with the place as she is, and often forward the shows on to others, too.

The magic lies in what she adds – she’s connected Shows of her listings or neighborhoods.

People who really enjoy what they’re seeing want to see more, so they click on Related Shows to see what else there might be. What they’re finding is that Thesa has a house ready and waiting for them. If they want to see more gorgeous scenery, here’s a very good way to do it – buy this!

Oh, she’s a clever one!!

View her Show below, and then think about how you could use this secret yourself.

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