Show ‘Em Why to Hire YOU

by Sarah Cooper on June 29, 2007

I got an email from my friend Lisa Hammerstein of Re/Max this morning.

She’d looked at my profile on Active Rain and noticed I had a link that said, “Click here for more information on how our team works.” Lisa clicked and loved the idea! I had used a Real Estate Show to give a little presentation right from my blog. (The same link is also on my website.) People who are looking at my sites are likely to be looking for an agent or thinking about a move. Best to get to them right then, isn’t it?

In my Show, I mentioned how my partner and I work, he’s old school sales and I’m creative and techy. Together, we cover all bases — and our clients get two agents for the price of one.

Lisa and her husband Robert also work as a team. Their Show explains why they’re the ones to choose in their market.

There is something special that you have to offer, something that sets you apart from the agents around you. How could you use your Real Estate Shows to get that across to the people that find you online?

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