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by Sarah Cooper on December 14, 2007

Are things a little tighter in your real estate market lately? Wondering how you can set yourself apart from the competition?

Let me tell you a little secret. The things you are doing already are probably wonderful, fabulous things that would make any client proud to choose you. But unless you can show them what you’re doing and how that is a benefit to them, you might as well not even be doing them.

As an example let’s look at Bob Carney of Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. Bob recently posted on his Focus On Frederick blog about caravan tours. His company still does the “old fashioned” caravan tour once or twice a month to view the new listings. A client might wonder how this is any better than just looking at the pictures of the house, as many offices do now that technology makes this so easy.

There is nothing like being in a house to see how it feels. Even our wonderful Real Estate Shows is not meant to take the place of actually walking around in a house, but hopefully it shows you the house in such a way that you want to see more. (And maybe are even pre-disposed to fall in love with the house.)

Bob explains that having a bunch of agents view your home in person is something you would very much want to happen. If you are a seller, you will gain a lot of useful information from the tour. These trained, experienced agents are going to let you know exactly what might get in the way of a sale. They are also actively working with buyers, and once they see your house they may realize they have a buyer who will LOVE it.

After listing your house with Bob Carney or one of his coworkers, you now have a whole team of agents who have seen your home, know it’s condition, are familiar with the neighborhood and will keep it in mind to see if it fits the needs of their clients.

In Bob’s post and Real Estate Show, he takes us along for the ride and lets us experience the tour for ourselves. We see the advantage because we feel like we’ve been there, done that for ourselves.

If you’re an agent looking for a way to set yourself apart, maybe you don’t have to do anything different. Maybe you just have to find a way to show what you’re already doing.

*Ahem*. I’ve heard Real Estate Shows are a great way to do that.


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