Shows Are For Buyers, Too!

by Sarah Cooper on May 31, 2007

When you think of your account, you probably think of the benefits to your sellers first. After all, it is a GREAT tool for marketing listings!

But there are many, many more uses for your Shows!

holding cameraOne of my favorite ways to use my Shows is with buyers. When we look at houses, I make a reminder Show for each house they’d like to keep under consideration.

This is useful in many ways. First, I’m right there with my buyers, so I see what parts of the house mean the most to them. I can feature the beautiful back porch or gourmet kitchen as needed. Whatever aspects of the home call to them will be highlighted in their Show.

We often look at several (OK, sometimes LOADS) of houses in one day. After a while, too many houses begin to blur in our memories. Which house had the colorful tile backsplash? Which one had that ornate chandelier in the dining room? My reminder Shows will tell them.

Even if the houses already have Shows online, I’m still going to make a new one. My buyers might want to look at these Shows over and over while they make their decision. They may pass them to friends and family members to hear their opinions as well. Whose name do I want all those people to see associated with their new home??? MINE!! My branding on each and every Show keeps that top-of-mind awareness going with my clients.

My subscription is for all the Shows I care to make, so making Shows for my buyer clients just makes good business sense. There’s no cost to me, and my clients feel like I’ve done something special for them. Additionally, I can view the Tracking Reports and I’ll know which house they liked best!

A couple tips about using reminder Shows:

  • Always ask permission to photograph the homes. When you call to make the appointment to show the home, just ask then. I have never had anyone say no, because that puts their house at a disadvantage.
  • Try to get your buyers in a couple pictures. This sounds wrong because we try so hard NOT to get people in the pictures we take for our listing Shows, but in this case we have specific people in a specific house, and we want to make it easy for them to picture themselves in the house. Actually seeing themselves in the house helps them visualize living there.

Make a few reminder Shows with your next buyers and see how effective it can be!

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