Small Rooms: Take Off The Door

by Jeff Turner on November 29, 2006

When shooting a very small room, there are several things to remember.

small room with door on

small room with door off

First, take the photos at an angle, especially if there is a mirror in the room. It will give the room a greater feeling of depth. Second, if you

don’t have a [tag]digital camera[/tag] with a [tag]wide angle lens[/tag], get one. We highly recommend The Kodak EasyShare v705.

And here is a tip I like personally. Take off the door. This is particularly helpful in very small bathrooms.

The top photo was taken with a wide angle lens with the door on. The bottom [tag]photo[/tag] was taken with the door off. You can see the subtle, but important difference it makes. The room feels larger, less cramped. It takes only a few seconds to remove most doors and the sellers will be very impressed with the results.

This will not only improve the quality of the photos in your printed material, but give you more range for movement in your Real Estate Shows. Give it a try!

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