Sometimes It’s How You Say It

by Sarah Cooper on June 18, 2008

Recently in some training with other Real Estate Shows employees, we talked about communicating with people in they way they prefer. I have been realizing lately how vitally important this is, yet how easy it is to overlook.

Communicate The Way Your Clients Want You ToI can see it in my own life. All day long I am in touch with friends who text, tweet (talk to me on Twitter) or send me little emails. All day I’m hearing from people – except my husband. So by the end of the day, while he’s been working away from a computer, I feel like he’s been ignoring me. He has not – he just had no idea that it might be important for me to hear from him in this way. Now that he knows, he texts me during the day just to say Hi, and I feel better.

I have a teenager. She doodles on her arms and even lets her friends write on her. I remember doing that with my own friends, it’s just a way to bond and show that you belong in this group with these friends. When I had something I wanted to say to her recently, something that I really wanted her to SEE … I wrote it on my arm.

Message received. She won’t forget it because I said it her way.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to the way people like to hear from each other. In business, it pays to let people know you are listening and to communicate with them in the way that reaches them best.

That’s why we offer so many choices in sharing your Real Estate Shows. The Shows themselves can be customized with additional photos, maps, floorplans, panoramas and video. You can embed them in blogs and websites, create flyers to share online or in print, publish directly to a variety of sites such as Google Base or Zillow or get code to take to Craigslist and Ebay. A couple clicks and they’re on your MLS and You can even burn CDs (or have us do it for you) to have something tangible to hand to someone.

We offer so many different ways to say it because your intended audience has a variety of ways they’re predisposed to best hear your message.

And if you need help with any of it, you can call us at (888) 580-7627 or email us at We’ll soon have a live chat feature for our help desk, because we want to communicate with you in the way you prefer.

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