Spring Themed RES Flyers Are In Full Bloom

by Jeff Turner on April 16, 2008

We’re hearing that Spring may have finally taken hold in most of the country. It’s hard for us to tell here in Southern California. 🙂 So, it’s not too late to send out a spring greeting.

We’ve designed some new Spring RES Flyer templates to help.

New Spring Real Estate Shows Flyer Templates

And, since so many of you asked for a tutorial after the last templates we released. I’ve put together a sample spring RES flyer and a video tutorial using photos from my personal Flickr account. I have been taking a lot of photos of flowers lately and finally figured out a way to use them! Here is the link to my Flickr flowers and plants set. You’ll see how to use it in the video below. (If you just want to create a show using the exact photos you can download a ZIP file here: Five Flower Photos )

Don’t let the tutorial limit you. Be creative. Do you have a neighborhood you specifically wish to target? Take your camera out and snap some photos of the some of the homes with the best floral displays. Use the Spring template to highlight that neighborhood and link to it from your website and blog, or send the link to your email list for that area. Do you have some other ideas? Share them in the comments here, we’d love to hear them.

Here’s how to use my Flowers & Plants photos to create your own Spring greeting.

Jeff Turner, President of RealEstateShows.com

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