Starting Things Off Right – Listing Presentations

by Sarah Cooper on June 3, 2007

I have a listing presentation coming up next week.

Many times my partner and I don’t have competition. This time we do.

Time to bring out the heavy artillery — I need my Real Estate Shows!

House PorchI’ll drive by the house ahead of time and take several pictures of the house and even the neighborhood. Since they are only going to be exterior photos, I’ll have to be a little creative. I can hope for a porch swing or pretty flowers, or maybe a freshly painted front door to focus on. I’ll do my best to get flattering angles of their home.

Then I’ll whip up a Show at I’ll make a CD with a nice cover (again, with a picture of their home) to give it to them at the presentation.

Next I’ll make up a possible flier and mock up an advertisement. I’ll leave out details I don’t know, but this will make a nice example for my possible clients to look over after I’ve gone.

It makes a strong impression for people to actually SEE their home already associated with your name, as it will be in that Real Estate Show CD. They’re going to see that I can use online advertising to good effect. We’ll talk about how many buyers are using the internet to shop for their next home, and we’ll see how their Show will be incorporated into my website and blog entries about their house. They’ll love imagining how much better their Show will be when I show off the inside, too!

It’s going to look like I’ve put a lot of effort and expense into all this, but I’m not about to tell my future clients how easy it all was! I’ll just let them be wowed right from the beginning, and I’ll be glad again that I found!

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