Still Looking for Ideas to Draw Local Blog Readership?

by Sarah Cooper on February 20, 2009

I recently wrote about an idea of using digital cameras to draw local blog traffic. It’s an idea that I believe will work very well because it’s spontaneous and fun, and once people use your cameras to take pictures they know they can go to your blog to see the results. (Film does tend to draw out the suspense.) What you’re really doing is passing a little bit of blog ownership out to each person who takes a picture. They became invested in your blog because they became a part of it. And that’s what you want. Invested readers come back, over and over, and they tell others.

So, after you’ve got your digital cameras out there roaming around, it’s time for another round of “how can I get local readers invested in my blog?” Let’s apply what we just learned: People like to see themselves in your blog. Said another way: People like your blog if they see themselves there.

I saw this idea this morning and it was an instant hit with me – the Human Calendar. Go peek and think about a page like that full of your locals. I absolutely love the idea of using photos to provide information that could have been in ordinary text, but I’m wondering if a calendar is the way to go. I think it might be better to translate this idea for use with something you’ve already found value in, something you’re already posting regularly.

If I look back at my own blog statistics, I can see that one of my reoccurring big draws are the high school football schedules. I’m in a small town and high school football is a big deal here. We have only four high schools in my whole county – what if my football schedules this year were made up of photos of local football players holding up cards spelling out who’s playing who, where and when?

Take a look at the tags you use frequently and consider how a picture might make that information come to life a little more. Even statistical information that you share on a regular basis might be jazzed up a little with some smiling local faces — and it gives people another reason to check back in if they might see themselves or someone they know.

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