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by Jeff Turner on May 29, 2007

Street View Now Available At RealEstateShows.comGoogle launched a new map feature today.

It’s called Street View.

And it’s impressive.

And if you’re in San Francisco, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Denver, you can start using it right now in your Shows at It’s now immediately available in those five cities and it allows you to take a 3D street level tour of major streets and points of interest.

The image to the right is taken from this google Street View map along South Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s right in front of my favorite hotel, The Bellagio. Unlike the old, now defunct A9 product, this is a truly interactive 3D experience. Not just static images. You can change your angle of view and move along the street while maintaining that angle. If you head north in my map example on the right, you can actually turn into the Bellagio driveway and go right up to the valet entrance.

While we can’t take any of the credit, local Real Estate Shows that highlight points of interest will get a nice boost from Google’s new feature. Just click on “Link To This Page” from the Google Street View and copy and paste the URL into the Location field in your Show’s “edit buttons” menu. This will link your Show’s location button right to the 3D view.

The consumer experience in these cities has been greatly enriched today. Go experience it for yourself. You can bet this kind of experience is only going to become more common.

Google already has this goofy YouTube video “tutorial” up as well.

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