Testing The New Flock Browser

by realestateshows on July 10, 2007

The new Flock web browser has a blog editor.

It’s built right into the browser itself. I am using it right now, taking it for a test drive to see how it works. The description makes it seem worth a look. So far I’m not sold. I haven’t found a reason to do this here instead of inside the blog platform.

I’m going to just type some more and then upload a photo. Hmm… can’t seem to upload photos anywhere. And it appears this blog editor will automatically publish, not send to draft. Very interesting. Sorry, gang. You’re seeing my live testing.

Ok. I figured it out. You have to set up your media accounts first, then you can just drag and drop images to your post from your computer. It uploads them to your chosen media host, like Flickr, and puts a thumbnail in the post. Like this:

But it won’t let me set how the image appears in the post.

It also seems to NOT want to publish to my CA2WV Blog on Blogger. It tried to publish for a long, long time with no visible result, so I stopped it. I’ll keep trying in a minute. In the meantime I set up all of my WordPress.com and self-hosted blogs, including the Real Estate Shows Blog. If I can’t get it to post to blogger, I’ll try posting to RES next. You’ll know whether it worked or not by where this shows up. 🙂

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