That Sneaky "Connect Shows Together" Button

by Sarah Cooper on February 10, 2009

I’ve mentioned it here in our blog and it’s sitting right there on the Manage page, the “Connect Shows Together” button. And STILL, when I casually mentioned it to a friend of mine who is a long time fan of Real Estate Shows, she said, “What?

Her next question was, “Why?”

That’s an easy one – imagine you’re a buyer. (You should be doing this all the time anyway.) You’ve just watched a Real Estate Show of a new listing, and that kitchen looked beautiful. You wish you could see more. NOW. If there were a button at the end of the Show that said, “View Related Shows”, would you click it? If you were really interested in the house, you would. And hopefully you’d see a new Show labeled “Kitchen” and experience some fabulous immediate gratification.


Oh, we know buyers LIKE immediate gratification. It’s why we create Shows in the first place! If the kitchen Show peaked their interest even more, you’ll likely earn a showing for your listing because of it. That’s good stuff.

You can even connect more than one Show together. Let’s say you’ve listed a beautiful home in a neighborhood that has special features, such a bicycle trials, community parks or a private golf course. Creating and connecting Shows for each of these will spotlight what sets this home apart. It’s a good idea to ask yourself, “What’s going to sell this house?” Then create a Show around the answer.

The Show below is by Ines Hegedus-Garcia in sun-drenched Miami, Florida. Ines takes many, many listing photos and graciously allowed me to use her Shows as an example. After you watch this Show, you’ll see buttons that will give you more information, including one for Related Shows. When you click that, you’ll have links to all the attached Shows, which in this case is one for the pool.

With your next listing, ask yourself what’s the most likely feature to sell this house and take enough extra pictures so that it can have a Show of it’s own. Giving buyers instant gratification and having sellers happy to see you going above and beyond expectations – for no additional cost – is not a bad thing.

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