The Effect of Foreclosures on Pets

by Sarah Cooper on May 29, 2008

Yesterday I read my friend Bob Carney’s blog Focus on Frederick, and his post about the impact of foreclosures on pets was so spectacular that I was moved to share it with you.

Bob is an animal lover and has two fabulous dogs – I am often entertained by pictures of them just enjoying their happy doggie lives as part of his family.

After hearing there was an increase in animals being taken to the shelter, Bob went to have a look for himself. The housing crisis is not just hurting humans. When a family faces foreclosure they’re often forced to move into an apartment or with other family members, and often it’s impossible to keep their beloved pets.

Bob was moved to make this Real Estate Show and I thought you’d want to see it.
Warning: You might want to have a tissue handy.


Thank you for sharing with us, Bob.

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