The Hidden Benefits of Being a Blogging Realtor

by Sarah Cooper on October 27, 2007

I’m a Realtor and a blogger, but above all I’m a Mom.

You’d think those first two might get in the way of my “real” parenting job, but lately I’ve been finding that they can all work together sometimes.

I’ve been trying to build up my internet presence through my blog. This helps me to be found through search engines, making me look like even more of a local expert. I know that people don’t want to just read about something, they want to SEE it, too.

So I’m grabbing my family and we’re taking a few short day trips.

Yes, sometimes they whine a little. But they get into the spirit of it quickly and we end up enjoying the time out. My kids are surprised to find that they learn about a lot of the places we’ve been to in school, but actually being there and seeing it brings it to life in a whole new way.

I’m happy to have fresh, interesting content for my blogs… but I’m sure I’ll be happier with the family memories we’ve built while I was “working.”

Here’s one of our Real Estate Shows from this weekend.


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