The Importance of a Good Title

by Sarah Cooper on May 29, 2007

Your Real Estate Shows can serve many functions, but the main reason you subscribed was likely to help market and sell your listings.

price reduction headlineThe titles you give your Shows can work for you in more ways than you might have imagined.

Since the links to your Shows are done by Show number rather than title, you can feel free to change your titles at any time, without creating additional work for yourself. Using your titles to give additional information is not going to mean you have to go around updating links or emailing new info to everyone. It’s a small thing, but it matters. Less work is GOOD, right?

You might want to consider changing titles to inform people or update information. Some examples might include:

  • Announce an upcoming “Open House” in your Show title. Giving the date and time might bring in a few more shoppers. (Just remember to post a new title after the open house!)
  • Let everyone know if there’s been a “Price Reduction”. This is big news and deserves to be an eye-catching title.
  • Let us know if there are “Special Offers” with the house. Is there a Decorating Allowance? Are your sellers offering to cover Closing Costs?
  • Is the house now “In Contract”? Let us know!

There are also lots of ways to use your Sold Shows as good marketing for yourself. When you check that Sold box on your show, make sure to make any needed adjustments to the title then as well.

  • “Listed and Sold By” YOU is a very impressive title!
  • “In Contract in 2 Days” shows you are a fast worker.
  • Having a title like “Contact Me To Sell Yours, Too” is a call to action!

Just having a fresh title is enough to draw a few more looks from potential buyers. Change things up a little and make those titles work for you!

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