The Joys Of Beta Testing

by Jeff Turner on January 19, 2010

Oh, the joys of testing new features.

First, I want to thank the group of 30 or so who helped us test a mobile feature that we will now NOT be launching. (You know who you are.) I say, “thank” beacuse your input has allowed us to create something we know will be better… by a long shot. The resulting option will be more pervasive and more valuable than what you saw. I have no doubt you’ll agree.

None-the-less, today is January 19th, the day we were to launch some of the features we talked about in early December, and we’re not. We think the delay will only be a few weeks, but we can’t be certain. We’ll have some more testing to do before it goes live, but I intend to report back here with an update before that happens.

And I’m excited to do so!

Jeff Turner, President of

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