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by Sarah Cooper on June 8, 2007

I’m currently reading “A Whack on the Side of the Head” by Roger von Oech, which was recommended to me by my friend Ed Rybczynski, a fellow member of Active Rain.

A Whack On The Side Of The HeadI love books and this one is so fun, I’ve been reading bits of it out loud to my family so we can all learn from it. (And they’re not complaining that I’m reading it to them — that’s the part that tells me it’s really good!)

One point that really struck me from the book is that we tend to find the “right” answer, and then quit looking. An example in the book has a teacher putting a chalk smudge on a blackboard and asking her high school class what it is. When someone finally states the obvious, “A chalk dot,” they are done. The teacher tells the class she tried the same thing with kindergarteners and they came up with 50 things it could be — a squashed bug, a star, the top of a telephone pole … Somewhere along the way from childhood, we lose the ability to find multiple solutions.

Since I have to come up with something new to talk on a fairly regular basis here and on two other blogs, thank goodness my mind is still somewhat childlike! :o)

What I realized from this one little section of the book is that I make one Real Estate Show of a listing, and that’s it. I’m done. I have my Show, it’s the “right” answer, and I’m off to my next task.

BUT, what if I gave myself a quota of three shows? And just saying “make three Shows” isn’t challenge enough, let’s make them all have a unique feel, let’s try to appeal to different types of people with the same house. In order to do that, I’m going to have to really stretch myself, I’m going to really have to learn this house inside and out.

Is my first Show always going to be the best? I doubt it. I will probably do better the more I think about the house, the more I try to immerse myself into what it would be like to really live there. The challenge would probably force me to work BETTER.

Try it yourself! You’re taking digital pictures (free, take lots!) and you can make all the Shows your little heart desires at no additional charge. (Isn’t this place great?!) Play around with it, make it into a game for yourself and see what you come up with.

You could just choose the best of your Shows and just use that one. But why not LEARN from it, put a different version on your website, blog and MLS and see which one gets the most hits, or if anyone notices the difference. (You just SPOIL your clients with so many Shows, don’t you?) :o)

Have fun! (And thanks again, Ed!)

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