The Power Of Less – A Skeptic’s Story Of Real Estate Success

by Jeff Turner on September 10, 2007

Thesa ChambersThesa Chambers was not an instant convert to

She was using another product that allowed her to put as many photos as she wanted into the main presentation. She saw that as a decided benefit. She decided to give a try after hearing the reasons why we limit our main Shows to 30 and 60 seconds. It’s NOT because we don’t know how to create a Show with 50 photos!

She decided to test us head-to-head. She made the following comment on Sarah Cooper’s post, Sharing Marketing Secrets, that was about one of her Local Area Shows:

…in reality it is all about what the people want – VisualTours are great – but what I found was that the product I was using previously to speaking with Jeff Turner gave too much information… Jeff pointed out that the product I was using although a more complex product gave the viewer too much information… it did not leave them wanting more.

She went on to say:

The results speak for themselves – I used RES and my “other program” for 2 very similar properties… same area and same ammenities priced within $500 of each other – the property I used RES and my little email tip has received double the viewings, been forwarded by email something like 10 times and had 7 showings – the property I used the other program with – well it has about half the viewings has never been forwarded and has had 0 showings….

There is a line that other technologies allow you to cross that should not be crossed. That’s the line that leads the Internet viewer to believe that they don’t need to come see the home you’re marketing. It’s called selling past the close. Your goal should be to make it onto their list of properties to see, not present your way off of it!

Thesa sent me this email last Friday and I asked her if I could share it here. She agreed.

Jeff, I just had to share with you my most recent success, that is completely due to using Real Estate Shows. I have a great listing in Sunriver, I created a show for this property as I always do. Sunriver is a resort community in which I am based out of. The show for this particular property was linked to a couple community shows I have previously created with RES. (To view this show click here)

Although the market in Sunriver is a little better than other places in Central Oregon it is still slower than sellers would like to see. This show has been viewed several times and is blasted on anything I can find to put it on. Last week, I had an agent from 200 miles away call and ask for the availability of the property. She and her husband had viewed the show multiple times and just had to come see the home.

They arrived on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend – and they wrote their offer, and it is now accepted and heading towards closing. When I asked her what made her come to see just this home, she told me it was the Real Estate Show. She could not get the house out of her head.

My yearly subscription to RES has now put a commission of over $10,000 in my pocket for this sale. I can not thank you enough – you and RES rock.

Thesa Chambers, Broker, Sunriver Realty

Thesa… thank you.

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