The Power of “SOLD”

by Sarah Cooper on May 25, 2007

Bonnie BowlesAs you may know, I work as a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker Advantage in beautiful Hurricane, WV. (Got to get my plug in there!) One of my coworkers is a wonderful agent named Bonnie Bowles. Bonnie has been in this business for decades and knows real estate up one side and down the other.

Technology is another story.

Recently, Bonnie bought a laptop. She’s determined to conquer this “tech stuff”. Yesterday she took my advice and signed up for the free trial. I started walking her through the steps of making a show, and when I had to leave I directed her to the tutorials.

While working with Bonnie, she said something that gave me an A-ha! moment. I showed her the “Sold” tab on her Shows and mentioned that it looks good to have some Solds in there for potential clients to see.

Bonnie, being a veteran agent, said she needed to make up Shows of her previous sales.

WOW. Since I “discovered” pretty early in my real estate career, I hadn’t even thought of that. Bonnie has loads of sales under her belt, and she needs practice creating Shows.

Chances are you might have sold some houses before you found, too. If so, why not make up some Shows of homes you’ve already sold? While you might not be marketing those particular homes anymore, you ARE marketing yourself. Make a Show as usual, then while in Manage, click the box to the right for Sold.

A long list of Solds sends a powerful message to someone looking for a real estate agent online. It shows your experience and your expertise. It lets people know that you’ve been through this before, many times, and tells potential clients that you will be able to help them as well. A long list of Solds can help establish a certain amount of trust before you’ve ever even met your new client.

Don’t be shy. Dig out those old photos (or snag them off your MLS if you’ve deleted them! Just make sure they’re nice and big.) and show off your accomplishments!

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