The Power Of Viral Marketing

by realestateshows on April 17, 2006

All Noble Turner intended to do was make a Show that would send a
positive message of support and hope. When the rains hit Hawaii last
month, they devestated a large portion of Kauai. So he created a Real
Estate Show that he sent to 200 people on his email list. He sent the
show on March 16th.

On March 21st the Show came up on our report of most visited pages for
the week and we sent him an email, letting him know and telling him how
wonderful the Show was. The Show had received 8424 views in 5 days.
"That means that the first 200 people that I emailed it to sent it to
their friends, and on and on," he commented. "8424 visits in one week!
Wow!! Thanks for such an amazing tool!"

That’s 8424 views of his face and name associated with a strong, powerful and positive message. Well done, Noble.

View Noble’s Show Here

Noble Turner, Keller Williams
Honolulu, HI | 808.223.2001 | Site

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