The Right Music Makes All The Difference

by realestateshows on May 5, 2007

Music Selection ReflectionMusic says things words can’t say.

So, choosing the right music to go with your Show at is important. Each time you create a Show, we randomly select a song from one of our three main categories, Comfortable, Sophisticated or Dramatic. Sometimes the songs fells right for the Show, but if it does, it’s purely luck.

It’s surprising how many people don’t change default song selected. It will seem obvious to us that it doesn’t fit the house, or doesn’t fit the neighborhood the Show is about. That leads us to believe that some of you may not know you can.

We’ve provided a library of royalty free music for you to choose from. The music is currently broken down into 19 categories. We regularly add songs to each category, and add new categories as libraries of music become available.

Choosing a new song for your Show is really quite simple. The video below only takes 64 seconds to watch. If you’ve never changed the music in one of your Shows at, this will be 64 seconds well spent.

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