The Story of Two Non-Real Estate Real Estate Shows

by Sarah Cooper on January 16, 2009

From the moment I first saw Real Estate Shows and got that “Ooooh!” feeling (letting me know I just found something GOOD), the format has been a way for me to express myself and help people see whatever message I’ve wanted to get across to them. Naturally, at first I just tried to show what I loved about each of my listings. Real Estate Shows makes that so easy, letting you choose the music, adjust camera angles and add titles to create a mood perfectly expressing the home. For what it’s meant to be, I think it’s darn near perfect. (I would say it’s perfect, but we keep thinking up new things and making it BETTER, so I’m happy with “nearly perfect”.)

But today I want to talk about two different Shows, and how a non-listing Show can really reach people.

My Real Estate Show with the most hits is one I created about our local animal shelter. I used to volunteer there and the pictures in the Show are all ones I took to post on the shelter’s website, hoping to find them homes. It’s heartbreaking not to be able to help them all, and it bothered me that our shelter was so small and in poor repair. I made this Show hoping it would touch some hearts and maybe move someone to pitch in. As of this morning, it’s had 2,713 hits. It averages about 60 hits a month and is still going strong. Granted, they aren’t all local hits, but I’m fine if it leads someone to help their own local animal shelter, and it HAS brought me together with local contacts who share my feelings. (Local contacts: you want them!)

The other Show I’d like to tell you about was converted to video and added to my Flickr account. It’s had over 500 hits in less than 24 hours. It’s already led me to a very nice conversation with a woman on the other side of the country who’s husband happens to be from my town. The Show has nothing to do with real estate and is not local. It’s not even my own content — I heard a quote that I liked and tried to find photos that would fit it. I got permission from someone who owned historical photos that I felt illustrated the quote. Apparently there are others who feel as strongly about the quote, photos and message, because I’ve never had hits overnight like this before! Whether it’s a blip on the radar or a lasting draw remains to be seen, but I said what I wanted to say and have already made a few new friends in the process. Totally worth it!

Yes, I know our clients generally think about Real Estate Shows as a way to promote a listing and stop there. It does serve it’s purpose very well. But if used to express yourself, Real Estate Shows can do so much more. I hope you’ll let this idea swirl around in your mind for a while and I hope you’ll make a Real Estate Show that shares something you feel strongly about.

And I hope you’ll be very happy with what comes your way because of it.

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